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From the Executive Director’s Desk: Jumpers

Written by: Claire Smallwood

The phenomenal force of women who have helped SheJumps get to where it is today, will all tell you the same. Being a Jumper is just as much about being a part of the SheJumps community as bringing reusable bags to the store, planting a garden, or riding your bike means you are willing to do your part to act on climate change and reduce waste. It’s about being a part of something bigger than yourself, finding a way to inspire others through those actions and become a part of a positive change. Being a jumper doesn’t mean that your skis leave the ground every chance you get or that your mountain bike (if you have one) is worth more than your car; but it means that you leave your comfort zone most chances you get and you help others do the same. It means that you take the road less traveled even if it means being a little uncomfortable, and it means taking a detour from your normal “jumping” routine to be supportive or encouraging for someone else. It means that you can always be a beginner at something. Being a jumper is about relativity, not the absolute. Anyone who has ever had an injury can attest to the staggering helplessness that even the smallest impedance to your mobility creates, and the awe-inspiring redemption of freedom when your body or mind has healed again.

Being a jumper featured on our website is a reflection of the organization’s efforts to truly cultivate a diverse community of female outdoor enthusiasts. We aim to shed light on unsung heroes, introduce you to the quirky and lesser-known side of professional athletes, as well as highlight the women and kids in this world who are making a difference and are stewards of the outdoors. From life-cheerleaders to life-hackers to the 77 year-old deciding to pick up kiteboarding or learn how to change a flat tire on her bike, the Jumpers on this site are here to inspire you and show you that, “if she can do it, so can I.”

Look for Jumpers based now in the Regional section of the website. While we encourage and accept submissions of your own story, we want for your profile to reflect an ongoing and evolving relationship with our community, for your story to grow with your participation with our programs and events; be prepared to get involved with SheJumps!

Please join us both nationally and regionally as we introduce you to these women, and we hope that you, too, someday find yourself on this list helping us to fulfill our promise:to increase the participation of women in outdoor activities. 

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