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Meet SheJumps Board Members: Q&A with Kellie Okonek

Welcome to the Board of Directors: Kellie Okonek. We’re excited to have you and learn more about you.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

Raised on the slopes of the Cascades, I now live in Girdwood, AK and live an Alaska life - skiing, bush flying, kiting, mountain biking, wilderness adventuring, and appreciating the grandeur of Alaska. I also have a knack for travel and love exploring around the world, connecting with people wherever I go and constantly expanding my world view.

I have a strong passion for gender equity and expanding female leadership and influence in corporations and governments, as well as preserving wild spaces and addressing climate change.

Q: Place of work, title, location.

A: Recently left a 17-year career in Oil & Gas operations management and am trying to figure out what’s next! I’ve started a coaching practice called Iron Lady Coaching and am working with people to develop high flow/high performance lifestyles based on formal training through the Flow Research Collective, as well as lessons learned from the mountains and my career comprised entirely of traditionally male roles in very male-dominated environments.

Q: Why did you join SheJumps as a board member?

A: Having served as a Regional Coordinator and volunteer since 2010, I wanted to take my SheJumps contribution to the next level by influencing strategy and leading the organization via the BOD.

Q: What goal of the SheJumps 5 year Strategic Plan is the most important to you?

A: The first goal - I think from foundation, all things are possible. So, if we work out our committees, governance, strategic plan, and assure we are in coordinated and effective action as an organization, we can increase our impact in the near and long term.

Q: What do you hope to contribute to the SheJumps Board of Directors?

A: Strategic planning, professional development, Alaska programming

Q: What is your vision for SheJumps?

A: To adopt the mission of “unlocking human potential” and shifting our programming to using the outdoors to directly build life and leadership skills that will help all of our participants increase their own impact on the world!

Now, it’s time for the lightning round:

Q: Outdoor activity of choice (pick one, two if you must)?

A: Backcountry skiing and mountain biking

Q: Who inspires you to go outside and why?

A: My 12-year old self, because making her dreams come true is my biggest inspiration!

Q: Where is your favorite place to go outside or on an adventure?

A: Home sweet home - I adore Alaska!

Q: How has the outdoors benefited your health and overall physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing?

A: In all the ways possible.

Follow Kellie's adventures on Instagram, LinkedIn, or website.

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