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Reno Climbing Night Recap

We had at least 15 participants come out for our first SheJumps climbing night at BaseCamp in Reno. BaseCamp is North America’s tallest man-made climbing wall. As you drive through the middle of downtown Reno, it looms above you and even scares you a bit! The event was from 5 to 9 pm. We warmed up on the indoor bouldering walls and then headed outside to try our hand at the big wall. Jen, a fellow SheJumper, and BaseCamp employee, gave us a belay refresher. As SheJumpers rolled in and out, we rotated from the big wall, to using the auto belays, to bouldering, and slack lining. One woman even brought her “little sister” from the Boys and Girls Club of Reno! Thanks to BaseCamp we raised $70 for future SheJumps events! We hope involve even more youth in the next event and are busy planning another climbing night in November in case you missed this one!

Almost to the top of the taller wall!

Just belaying in the middle of “The Biggest Little City”

Rappelling on the auto belay required a lot of trust!

Hitting up the slackline!

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