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Trailblazing Together: Sam Crow Coaching and SheJumps Inspire Women in Mountain Biking

Sam Crow is on a mission–get more women out on bikes, skis, and splitboards in the mountains. She believes in the process of internal self-discovery through exploration of these external landscapes. In June, SheJumps teamed up with her company, Sam Crow Coaching, to host two virtual workshop series, ‘Foundations of Mountain Biking’ and 'Courage to Jump!' By equipping women with the right tools and knowledge, the events aimed to play a role in breaking down barriers and encouraging more women to embrace the world of mountain biking.

Foundations of Mountain Biking

The first workshop began with an introduction to the fundamentals of mountain biking. As it turns out, the very basics begin with choosing the right bike to find that perfect fit.

From there, the focus shifts from bike components to developing the essential skills and techniques for mountain biking. This includes proper body positioning, braking techniques, and maneuvering obstacles. Safety is also a top priority such as the importance of wearing protective gear, maintaining proper bike maintenance, and practicing trail etiquette. Research and identifying appropriate trails based on skill level and personal preferences is another aspect that leads to safer riding.

Sam also shared techniques to boost self-belief, manage nerves, and set achievable goals on the trail. Mountain biking can be physically and mentally demanding, but she believed that with the right mindset, it’s possible to conquer the challenges on the trail and build confidence.

Sam highlighted the significance of environmental stewardship and provided tips for minimizing the impact on natural landscapes. The workshop also covered essential packing tips and how to prepare for a successful and enjoyable outdoor experience.

To conclude the workshop, participants were introduced to online platforms, local biking clubs, and social media communities where they could connect with fellow riders, seek advice, and participate in group rides. Sam explained the importance of continuous learning, networking, and finding mentorship opportunities within the mountain biking community.

Courage to Jump!

The second series in the workshop caters to mountain bikers who are eager to expand their knowledge of the sport, improve their mental skills, and embrace their own approach to movement. The video focuses on uncovering internal mental barriers that hinder participants from reaching their full potential on the trails.

Fear, self-talk, and overwhelm take center stage as the key players in the self-sabotage game. Exercises aimed at understanding and overcoming these barriers are discussed such as confronting fear, cultivating positive internal dialogue, and addressing the feeling of overwhelm. Through affirmations and mindfulness practices participants develop a strong mental foundation that enhances their biking experience and spills over into other aspects of their lives.

Furthermore, the workshop encourages courage and confidence-building on the bike itself. Participants learn techniques to improve their own technical skills, as each body uses different movements to get down the trails. Sam hopes that through these practices, riders are able to unlock their full potential and discover new levels of accomplishment and fulfillment.

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