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20 Under 20 Camp – Recap

This past weekend I was given the opportunity to attend the Girls Do Ski 20 under 20 camp at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, where 20 hard charging ladies under 20 years old are able to ski and be coached by ripping pros Izzy Lynch and Leah Evans. This day gave us girls the opportunity to seek skiing, sponsorship, and media advice, as well find the secret stashes of pow at Revelstoke. Leah and Izzy gave great advice and by the end of the day I could greatly feel my skiing improve and become more aggressive, the best part though is that they were just straight up fun to ski with.

The day started out with all the girls meeting and sharing where they were from and what they were hoping to achieve from the day. After that we broke up into two groups – one group would go with Izzy and Agathe Bernard, our photographer for the day, to work on setting up skiing shots. The other group went with Leah to work on technique, hitting airs and exploring the mountain.

Meaghann Gaffney slashing some pow. Photo: Agathe Bernard

My group took off with Izzy and went straight to the Stoke chair where at the top, we found plenty of pow from the storm that just rolled through. We dropped into some untouched trees that turned to the raddest little chute. Everyone in the group could ski SO hard and it was awesome as we went in search of air and deep pow turns. I had the best pow turn of my life coming through a steep pitch of trees that then rolled off into a cliff with a perfect landing. Being shown the goods around Revelstoke on such an awesome day made it hard not to smile. The stoke factor amongst the group was high and that added so much to the experience, everyone’s attitude contributed to giving girls the muster to send it a little more then they normally did. All of the groups joined back together for lunch, which was then followed by a talk on sponsorship within the ski industry. After that my group switched to having Leah as our coach for the afternoon and she provided us awesome advice. A funny crash into a creek bed later and I came out wiser than I was in in the beginning of the day.

I’m super stoked to have had the opportunity to participate in this camp and may have shed a tear of happiness upon seeing winter after a dreary winter here in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you Girls Do Ski for the stoke, high fives, and pow.

Photo: Agathe Bernard

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