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2017 Rainier Climb

Whether you’re a climbing fanatic, knocking one adventure off the bucket list or want to help inspire a new generation of outdoor women, the Mt. Rainier Climb will give you an experience unlike any other. You’ll receive fundraising support, gear lists, physical training schedule, conditioning recommendations and a community of women rooting for your success. If you’ve ever wanted to summit one of the world’s most amazing peaks, now’s your chance!

SheJumps will be hosting our 2nd annual Rainier climb July 27 – July 30 2017. Register now!


There is a unique spirit of comradery with all SheJumps events. Endless high fives, gut busting laughs and summit dance parties are just the beginning. We consciously foster a positive energy that exudes encouragement in stride with the technical, physical and emotional challenge at hand. Our all female guides and staff offer support and expertise throughout your training, fundraising and of course, the climb. This is sure to be the experience of a lifetime!


SheJumps Mt. Rainier Climb contributes to the nonprofit’s Wild Skills program. Wild Skills youth events teach young girls the survival and technical skills they need for outdoor adventuring. These skills can be applied in any season and include first aid, navigation, leave no trace and shelter building. Our goal as an organization is to grow this program into a long term mentorship model that provides young girls the community that connects them to other women and the natural environment. The funds raised from this climb will help further this vision.

Start the registration process for the climb today by filling out the Climber Information Form.

Check out the Rainier climb page for the full itinerary.

Questions? Contact climb organizer, Christy Pelland:



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