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Apply Now: Be a Volunteer for SheJumps and Make a Difference

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Applications are closed. Thank you everyone who applied. If you're interested in volunteering, please fill out our volunteer form and we'll reach out if we need volunteers to help with events.

Join SheJumps to help women and girls experience outdoor activities in your community! As a volunteer, you'll foster confidence, leadership, and community through fun events and educational programs. Whether it's organizing hikes, mountain biking workshops, or youth programs, your passion and dedication will inspire the next generation of fearless outdoor women and girls.

SheJumps is a nonprofit organization with a board of directors, a full-time staff of four, and more than 100 regional volunteers coast to coast.

Interested in volunteering? Watch the recording to the 2023 SheJumps Prospective Volunteer Info Session.

SheJumps team structure

SheJumps has seven regions, and each region has the following volunteer structure.

  • Regional Director: Supervise volunteers in one of SheJumps’ seven regions, and provide strategic program support.

  • Regional Coordinator: Manage Event Coordinators and Community Ambassadors in a specific state, and oversee all local SheJumps activation in that state.

  • Event Coordinator: Plan and host events aligned with SheJumps’ strategic plan.

  • Community Ambassador: Provide event support and grow awareness of SheJumps within their local community.

  • On-Call Volunteer: This role is intended for people who don't want to commit to a formal volunteer role, but wish to be notified of periodic volunteer opportunities. Fill out the volunteer form if you are interested in this position. (You do not need to complete the full application linked below.)

*See below for links to detailed roles and responsibilities per position.

Time commitment for these roles vary, but in general, we ask for people to give the following minimum requirements, depending on the season/programs being planned in the area.

  • Regional Director: 6-10 hours/month or more

  • Regional Coordinator: 6-10 hours/month or more

  • Event Coordinator: Plan a minimum of 2 events a year–expect 10-15 hours to plan an event

  • Community Ambassador: Assist at 2 in-person events a year, table once a year, plus provide 1-2 hours additional support/month

What's next?

If you’re keen to volunteer for SheJumps, see if we are recruiting in your area. Open volunteer spots are listed below.

Open volunteer spots

Northeast Region:

  • Vermont: (2) Event Coordinators

  • New Hampshire or Maine: (1) Event Coordinator

  • Maryland: (1) Event Coordinator (ideally Baltimore based)

Southeast Region:

  • No openings. Our Southeast Region is temporarily on hold. We have had several volunteer leadership transitions in this region and currently do not have sufficient support to onboard mentor new volunteers. When our staff team can give the attention needed to nurture this area, we plan to bring back SheJumps programming in the SE region.

Midwest Region:

  • No current open positions.

Intermountain Region:

  • New Mexico: (1) Event Coordinator, (1) Regional Coordinator*

  • Idaho: (1) Event Coordinator (in McCall area only), (1) Regional Coordinator*

  • Utah: (3) Event Coordinators, (1) Community Ambassador, (1) Regional Coordinator*

Rockies Region:

  • Rockies Regional Director (1)*

  • Montana: (3) Event Coordinators, (2) Community Ambassadors (ideally based in Whitefish or Missoula for all positions)

  • Colorado: (2) Event Coordinator (ideally 1 in SW region and 1 in Summit County/Front Range ), (1) Regional Coordinator* (ideally in Summit County or Front Range)

  • Wyoming: (2) Event Coordinators (ideally in Teton Valley and/or Jackson)

Pacific Coast Region:

  • Washington: (3) Event Coordinators (ideally in Spokane area or Bellingham area), (2) Community Ambassadors (ideally in Spokane area)

  • California: (3) Event Coordinators, (3) Community Ambassadors (ideally located in the Bay Area, Tahoe, or San Diego for all positions)

  • Oregon: (8) Event Coordinators (in Portland area only), (6) Community Ambassadors (5 in Portland area and 1 in Eastern Oregon)

Far North Region:

  • Alaska: (5) Event Coordinators (ideally 2 in Juneau, 2 in Anchorage, 1 in Fairbanks)

*Interviews may be required for Regional Director and Coordinator roles.

At this time, we are limiting new volunteer opportunities to just the positions listed above due to specific needs our teams have in those regions. If you are not selected as a regional volunteer, please keep in mind that you can still opt-in to be placed on the On-Call Volunteer list, and there will be future opportunities for you to support SheJumps.

What are we looking for in a volunteer application?

  • Connection to cause: Tell us why the mission of SheJumps is important to you. Make the hair stand up on the back of our neck!

  • Time to dedicate: Planning an event might not be 8-10 continuous hours of intensive work, but you can expect to have the planning process spread out over several weeks. Are you someone who can stay on top of projects and see things through? For this reason, our role requires staying on top of emails and using technology tools such as Slack for team messaging and Google Drive for document organizing. If you’re unfamiliar with Google Drive and/or Slack, keep in mind that you’d have to put in a little more time to learn these tools on your own (we do provide training as well!)

  • Desire to learn: We use Google Classroom to provide training for how to host events, talk about the organization, and use our tools/processes/systems. Taking the time to go through these and then apply to your local events takes some practice and attention to detail.

  • An appreciation for strategy and impact: While this organization has been around for 14 years, we are definitely going through a period of streamlining our vision and strategic plan. Volunteering with SheJumps isn’t about being the most rad, experienced, or extreme ‘outdoorsy’ person, so we’re looking for people who understand that our program strategy reflects a desire to cater to beginner programming in addition to skill-building courses that require previous knowledge and/or equipment.

  • Commitment to the team: Participating in regular regional team meetings and making an effort to connect with fellow volunteers is a really important part of SheJumps values.

Application timeline

  • June 15–July 5: Application window

  • Week of July 24: Applicant notification date. If you are applying for a Regional Coordinator or Director role, you may be asked to interview. (Event Coordinator and Community Ambassador applicants will not be asked to interview.)

  • August: An online welcome/kickoff meeting and new volunteer training will take place in August (exact dates TBD).

If you have any questions, please email Thank You!

Photos by Annie Koch & John Shafer

Volunteer position responsibilities

Regional Directors and Regional Coordinators

Regional Directors (RD) and Regional Coordinators (RC) make up the SheJumps Regional Leadership team. RDs oversee a region comprised of multiple states, supervise the RCs in their region, provide strategic program support, and use their zoomed out view to best help the team as necessary. RCs manage a team and oversee all local SheJumps activation in one specific state. RCs report to the RD in their region, and supervise and manage Event Coordinators and Community Ambassadors in a specific state. RDs and RCs are responsible for leading monthly calls with team members (30 min) plus an additional 5 to 10 hours per month of administrative and leadership support. Additionally, there is (1) hour-long organization-wide Regional Leadership Call per month for organizational updates led by the SheJumps staff team.

Regional Director role description:

Regional Coordinator role description:

Event Coordinators

Event Coordinators are our boots-on-the-ground initiators. We think the title says it all, but the role of the Event Coordinators is to plan SheJumps events! We require a 6 to 8 week lead time for events and we provide the templates, toolkits, and support for event structures. Planning events (with our support) takes roughly 10 to 15 total hours per event. We ask for ECs to host two (2) templated events per year with the opportunity for additional events on behalf of our mission after the baseline requirement has been met. Some ECs host up to six events per year. We provide guidance and suggestions on what the event can be, however we also want to leave room for your passions to shine through. Event Coordinators are expected to be self starters with their event planning and should reach out to their teams for assistance. The staff team will provide all the promotional assets needed to make the event successful. ECs should be ready to take the torch and run with it!

Event Coordinator role description:

Community Ambassadors

Previously titled Brand Ambassador, the Community Ambassador position has been restructured to have a stronger focus on impacting local community. The goal of the Community Ambassador is to expand awareness of the SheJumps mission in local communities and to connect with local supporters and donors. This can look like volunteering at local events to build local connections and capture shareable event content, posting in the regional facebook group(s) or on Instagram about upcoming events, connecting potential local businesses to the SheJumps team for sponsorship, writing thank you notes to donors and supporters, and/or using social media to add a personal touch to SheJumps campaigns. Community Ambassadors are expected to support the Event Coordinators through promoting and helping at a minimum of two local events per year. Community Ambassadors are also encouraged to table on behalf of SheJumps.This role is focused on expanding awareness about the SheJumps mission and bringing more people into the community while nurturing local relationships. We provide all the content to do this and we also provide training on how to be an effective SheJumps advocate!

Community Ambassador role description:

On-Call Volunteers

This role is intended for people who don't want to commit to a formal volunteer role, but wish to be notified of periodic volunteer opportunities. On-call volunteers are not part of SheJumps’ official volunteer roster or required to complete SheJumps’ comprehensive volunteer training.

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