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Backcountry 101- at Brighton Resort

Winter has finally arrived in the Wasatch!  But first a classroom session with the lovely Evelyn Lees and Pat Lamborough.


They covered everything from beacon flux lines to travelling in avalanche terrain.  The ladies broke up into groups to go over scenarios and decision making as well.  So much to learn, so little time!


We met up again on Saturday at Brighton among the fresh snowfall!  What a beautiful day to be out in the mountains.  The day started with breaking up into groups and discussing a plan for the day.  After a single lift ride, we dropped down near Dog Lake to be left to our own human power.

Probe deployment practice as well as beacon searches were on the agenda followed by a snow pit where the layers of the winter could be seen.  This year in the Wasatch we have a persistent slab on the northwest to east aspects.  While we didn’t get it to fail on that layer with our column tests, it is still lurking in the basement.

Thank you so much to the Utah Avalanche Center and the amazing instructors for all of the groups!


Huge thanks to our Outdoor Education Partners!


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