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Gear Review-My new hero kit!

Tracy Remelius hero kit

I love my mountain biking hero kit! I’m a newbie to mountain biking and I want to participate in more group rides in my area, i’ve been a little intimidated by the group ride but now I feel like I could participate with confidence.

Having the hero-kit makes me feel ready for anything on the trail, and I could be someone’s she-ro!

I love the pocket sized instruction booklet. It’s step by step directions are really clear to follow and it’s written in a way that makes me feel empowered to try the repairs.

Hero-kit multi tool

The other thing that really impressed me was the multi-tool. It’s very high quality and has everything you need including the chain wrench.

Not that I’m saying I want the opportunity to use the kit, but I feel like when the opportunity does arise, I will be prepared and pleased with my Hero-kit.

Tracy Remelius. Northeast Regional Coordinator.

Girafficorn Hero kit
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