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Get the Girls Out!

So, you’ve joined the Facebook group and attended an event or two…but maybe you’re still curious about what the Get the Girls Out! (GTGO) events are all about.  Our GTGO program is all about community.  The program focuses on connecting young women with inspiring and dedicated female outdoor enthusiasts.  We focus on creating a safe and supportive environment for women, new and expert, to be able to engage in an encouraging way.  These events create the opportunity for both the expert athlete to provide coaching, guidance, and perspective on the journey…and beginners to dive into a new activity with a group of women who are there to help them succeed.


Our GTGO events are well recognized by the tutus and other elaborate costumes.  The tutu is turns out to be a simple accessory that is both empowering and disarming at the same time!  Lynsey Dyer sums it up pretty well: “We wear tutus and costumes for fun and to reduce competitiveness.”  While the crazy and fun outfits aren’t always a part of our events, the positive attitudes and opportunities to build new friendships are universal!  That’s what it’s all about.

Getting ready for the race; Photo Credit: Elizabeth Rawls

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Rawls

Money raised at our GTGO events goes toward increasing opportunities for current and future generations to get outside.  So get the girls together and come out and play!

Want to learn more?  Check out our program page, to read all about the Get the Girls Out! program along with the other SheJumps programs.  And check out our latest GTGO events here.

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