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Introducing the SheJumps Team…

We’re pulling back the veil on who puts in the work, both at the events & behind the scenes, to make SheJumps run. This group of SheJumpers (and one HeJumper) is dedicated to the mission of increasing female participation in outdoor activities, so much so, that they’ve decided to make it a part of their everyday lives!

Meet our National Directors, Regional Directors, and Regional Coordinators here. Meet our Ambassadors here.

National Directors

These gals (and guy) put in the work behind the scenes – whether it’s developing our programming, fundraising efforts, team structure, social media, website, or clubhouse! You might not see all of them front and center, but their combined efforts allow for SheJumps to continue to grow and function at it’s best.

Regional Directors

A new role this year – the Regional Director is the big picture leader for the region. She sets the programming goals and works with her Regional Coordinators and Ambassadors to ensure everything is on track, and she helps with the large scale event planning for the region. Regional Directors are tasked with driving their region forward and equipping their teams to do the best jobs they can.

Regional Coordinators

Our Regional Coordinators are our community leaders. They are the visionaries, dreaming up the new and creative events you see in your area. Regional Coordinators head up the efforts in each state, by creating & running the events that our local SheJumps communities attend & by leading our teams of Ambassadors and Hosts. You’ll likely get to know your Regional Coordinator very well as you attend more events!


Ambassadors are our all-star volunteers who help drive SheJumps at a regional level. They work with their Regional Coordinators to dream up new event ideas, expand the events offered to new areas, and take ownership of the entire event. This year our Ambassadors will be focusing heavily on our Outdoor Education programming – so lots of great education coming your way.

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