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JH Wax & Wine: Education, Swag & Fun!

A snowy February evening found a small group of ladies gathered in Teton Village, Wyoming to learn the basics of ski tuning and waxing. Hosted by the talented and knowledgeable team at Nomad Sports, ladies were given the opportunity to not only get an overview of keeping their ski gear primed for the slopes, but to fully delve into a hands-on experience!


The evening started off with life-long ski tuning extraordinaire Gov Carrigan providing an overview of skis, waxes, tuning techniques and thorough answers to the ladies many questions, after which ladies got to jump right in and work one-on-one with the Nomad tuning staff to learn the skills themselves. Indeed, ladies were given the opportunities to wax their skis, sharpen their edges, fix their core shots as well as try their hand at utilizing Nomad’s tuning machines. Plus, all skis were sent through Nomad’s state of the art ski service machine—no lady left without skis perfectly dialed for the incoming storm!

Core Shots

In addition to getting their skis primed, ladies were given the opportunity to work with Nomad’s bootfitter regarding any boot issues they might be having—which quite a few took advantage of. Plus, all participants received gift bags filled with goodies generously donated by Stio, SheJumps and other event partners. And to top that off, a stellar raffle with items sponsored by Stio, Nomad Sports and SheJumps assured that no lady present left without a raffle win, from base layers to goggles!


All in all, while the midwinter date left us with a smaller crowd than usual, the ladies present were able to garner a ton from the event and make some great connections with like-minded females in the Teton community. A success if ever there was one!

Welcome Table
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