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Jumping in to building skis and boards

If you want something done right you have to do it yourself. Disappointed with the selection of women’s ski and board gear available on the market, the women behind Coalition Snow took things into their own hands by launching a company that designs gear for women by women. But what does that mean, exactly?

After spending the past two years talking to ladies in the lift lines, on the tailgates and at the skin tracks to find out what women want from their gear and from a company Coalition is ready to deliver.

Women want gear that doesn’t hold them back. Instead of gear that compensates for assumed physical weaknesses Coalition Snow makes skis and boards that amplifies strengths. However, the company goes beyond making high performance gear with women in mind. Coalition Snow works to support women in the mountains in both professional and recreational pursuits.

Women don’t want to be bystanders in a sport that ignites their passions. Coalition Snow puts women front and center through highlighting female athletes and supporting organizations such as S.A.F.E. A.S. and projects including the Pretty Faces movie.

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When they’re not supporting the growth of the start up ski company, Coalition Snow ambassadors Rachael Blum and Jenn Sheridan spend their free time organizing ski dates, mountain bike meet-ups and other outdoor shenanigans as the North Tahoe ambassadors for SheJumps.

The ultimate goal is to change not only how women’s gear is perceived but to change the perception of women themselves in the industry. Coalition Snow’s vision of success includes the ability to support a team of professional women athletes.

Coalition Snow launched a Kickstarter Campaign to expand their line of skis and boards to give women what they asked for. They reached their initial goal in the first week. In response Coalition launched an expanded set of goals for the funds raised, including providing financial support for athlete and ambassador teams.

This is your chance to support a revolution that is changing the way women’s gear is viewed in the ski and snowboard industry. Learn more at

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