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Meet Autumn, NorthEast Regional Coordinator

Name: Autumn Foushee

Town: Burlington, VT

Home mountain or favorite outdoor place: I come home in the mountains, no matter which range, state, country or continent. The mountains are my sanctuary. One of my favorite places is High Divide in the Olympic Mountains.

Favorite quote: “If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we are not really living. Growth demands a temporary surrender of security.” -Gail Sheehy

Outdoor Activities: I think even the smallest outing into nature is an adventure when you keep your eyes open. There’s so much to explore! The activities that I thrive on are skiing, cycling and mtn biking, flyfishing, kiting, hiking, and orienteering. I also “geek-out” on plants, animals, rocks and soil … a lot.

What does being a Jumper mean to you?

Being a jumper has layers of meaning for me. It means daring to imagine all the possibilities, facing your fears, and trusting that you can go for your dreams because you are strong, fully capable and there is a community that will back you up. It means learning what it is that sings inside your heart and doing that–take the Jump! In my heart, the final layer of what it means to be a Jumper is being there to support other Jumpers, just as so many amazing women have been (and still are) for me. Gratitude.

What inspires you/inspired you to be such an outdoorsy lady? As a farmer’s daughter, I grew up working hard and playing hard in the outdoors. I loved dirt under my nails and crayfish in my pockets. I craved the magic of  being in nature and it inspired me to share those experiences with others. Basically, I haven’t changed!

What would you dare to accomplish if you knew success was the only possible outcome?

I love the power of story. I would travel around the world to create a documentary of youth, telling their stories of how they experience climate change in their lives—what it means to them; whether it impacts their community, and how it influences their daily lives, dreams, and actions.

I also ride with the Onion River Sports’ 1KToGo Women’s Cycling Development Team, and I plan to complete my first road bike races this summer and fall!

What’s a goal you have for this coming year as an Ambassador or Coordinator?

As a NorthEast Regional Coordinator, I want to support women of all ages and backgrounds to become Jumpers. My goal is to help ignite even more passion and excitement for the SheJumps mission through active, outdoor events that connect SheJumpers across the NorthEast region. I am thrilled to work with the SheJumps team, the ISIS Ambassadors, and to connect with SheJumpers everywhere.

What else is happening in your life?

I recently took a leap of faith, changing my career trajectory in order to follow my dreams. I split my time working with the grassroots outdoor gear company,; and the VT Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation as a conservation stewardship associate. I spend a lot of time outside, working with landowners and foresters, and exploring Vermont’s beautiful working landscape.

Let’s Jump Out! Contact me at

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