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Meet SheJumps Board Members: Q&A with Sandy Chio

Welcome to the Board of Directors: Sandy Chio. We’re excited to have you and learn more about you.

Sandy Chio's background includes over two decades of sales and marketing experience in destination tourism and the ski industry, as well as non-profit management. These career pursuits afforded Sandy and her family the chance to live (and play) in some amazing mountain communities from Girdwood, Alaska to Taos, New Mexico. She has had the privilege to call the Sierra, Wasatch, Cascade, Chugach, and Teton mountain ranges her backyard over the years. A pivot to experiential education brought Sandy to NOLS where we believe in the transformative abilities of the wilderness and intentionally develop leadership styles through outdoor skills.

Sandy is fortunate to have found a way to intertwine her passion for the outdoors and her professional path fairly early on. She approaches each day so grateful for the wonders the natural environment provides. She cannot imagine her life, including the joy of introducing a five year old to hiking and skiing, without the impact and influences of wilderness adventures.

Q: Place of work, title, location.

A: Teton Science Schools, Chief Business Officer, Jackson, WY

Q: Why did you join SheJumps as a board member?

A: I have seen first-hand SheJumps programming through the lens of a host venue in Alaska, Utah and New Mexico. The magnetic energy that SheJumps events brings is palatable. SheJumps is at such a critical phase of its nonprofit journey and to be a part of the group of women leading this incredible organization into the future is such a privilege. I’m here to help support the mission so that more girls and women can experience the sheer joy, confidence and community that the outdoors provide.

Q: What goal of the SheJumps 5 year Strategic Plan is the most important to you?

A: Hands down, for me it’s all about growing the outdoor community and participation in the outdoor activities and adventures. I believe in nature and how time in the outdoors nurtures confidence, leadership, environmental stewardship, and most importantly, a lifelong pursuit of adventure.

Q: What do you hope to contribute to the SheJumps Board of Directors?

A: In my professional life, my job is to harness an organization’s ability to scale its mission and impact. I know the world needs more SheJumps and my hope is to be able to support the organization as it grows its capacity, reach and ultimately sharing its mission with more participants.

Q: What is your vision for SheJumps?

A: I want to see the transformative nature of SheJumps programs inspire girls and women across the US. In particular, I’d love for SheJumps volunteers to serve communities where the outdoors has yet to become an everyday habit.

Now, it’s time for the lightning round:

Q: Outdoor activity of choice (pick one, two if you must)?

A: Skiing and more skiing

Q: Who inspires you to go outside and why?

A: Mother Nature. She never disappoints, and she provides me the space to explore, learn, fail and grow.

Q: Where is your favorite place to go outside or on an adventure?

A: The wilder, the better.

Q: How has the outdoors benefited your health and overall physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing?

A: It’s where I think best and where I can find focus; and it’s also where my family (all 14 paws) is happiest.

Follow Sandy's adventures on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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