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Partner Profile: Ortovox

At SheJumps, we are committed to promoting safety in the backcountry. From our collaborations like the Snowpack Ale, to bringing women’s only AIARE classes all across the west to our Alpine Finishing School. This winter we’ve added a new element, teaching young girls early on the skills they need through our Wild Skills Junior Ski Patrol.

Our courses teach women and girls how to use their beacon’s, probes and shovels for companion rescue. Our Alpine Finishing School attendees learn Crevasse Rescue, and our young girls learn to find donuts!

As our backcountry Outdoor Education Initiatives have grown, we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Ortovox.

ORTOVOX’s mission, first and foremost, is to promote safety and protection in the backcountry. “We can outfit your whole system, from baselayer to beacon to backpack to education. The ORTOVOX brand believes in organizations like She Jumps because we believe in building skills and education for all winter backcountry users. Together, we can connect these dots, have fun with our friends, and stay safe!” Becky Marcelliano.

In the coming year, Ortovox will be building demo kits for each region to have the gear we need for women and girls to gain hands on experience and gain confidence in their abilities. This spring our Wild Skills Junior Ski Patrol girls kicked off the partnership at Crystal Mountain.

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