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Partner Profile: Outdoor Research

Have you noticed on our Outdoor Education flyers this spring that we quietly announced our new presenting partnership with Outdoor Research? Well now we’re ready to share the big news! We are so excited to be working together in a much bigger way this year with Outdoor Research as a title partnership for SheJumps Outdoor Education Initiatives.

Outdoor Research already has been supporting our annual Rainer Climb which raises money for our Wild Skills Program. Now they are contributing financially to our organization to help us continue to grow our Outdoor Education programming. Additionally, Outdoor Research is always working to develop better products for women so stay tuned for an opportunity to take part in a product development collaboration in the coming months!

We recently chatted with Kjersti Gedde, Field Marketing Coordinator at Outdoor Research and she shared more about their broader commitment to supporting women in the outdoor arena.

SheJumps: Give us a little background on Outdoor Research’s community commitments

Kjersti: Increasing access to the outdoors individuals is a huge part of our company and culture platform at Outdoor Research – we work diligently to create better access for all through: supporting land access, improving the outdoor experience, and supporting organizations that work with underrepresented communities in the outdoors.

SheJumps: What campaigns do you already participate in that support female athletes?

Kjersti: Five years ago, we started #SheAdventures to celebrate women of the outdoors… fast forward some years and it’s become a celebration that empowers through an outdoor-focused scholarship, creates dialogue with women empowerment at the center, and helps foster a supportive community.

To learn more about the #SheAdventures, read about it here.

SheJumps: What drives Outdoor Research to support SheJumps?

Kjersti: The partnership with SheJumps was such a “no-brainer”! We’ve been “un-officially” supporting SheJumps events ever since our staff experienced some of the early PNW ski events. SheJumps mission to “increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities” directly aligns with our missions and passions as well. We were psyched to “officially” sponsor the Rainier fundraising climb last year and look forward to supporting this year’s fundraising climb, SheJumps education events, and collaborate further.

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