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SheJumps Into SUP Yoga Along The Ruston Way In Tacoma – Recap

Sunday, 8/7/16, eight women and girls with smiles and a willingness to try a new sport with the risk of being rained on (yup, 60 degrees and raining in August), met at Jack Hyde Park along Ruston Way for a paddle boarding  class. Our instructor was Lindsay Lambert with Dolan’s Board Sports.


While learning paddling technique our group was followed by a harbor seal. We didn’t catch a picture of our seal buddy, it was nice to have it pop up several times during the class.


Once we all felt comfortable paddling, we learned some of the basics of SUP yoga. Including the baby pose, downward dog, chair, plank, and eagle. The weather cooperated with mild temps, at times a misty rain, and no wind (calm water!).


At the end everyone was smiling and asking for more opportunities to jump in and try new sports. So, keep an eye on the SheJumps calendar for future activities in the area!



Charee Boulter

SheJumps fan

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