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SheJumps & Partners Bring First All-Women’s Avy One Course to Missoula Area!!

SheJumps, YurtSki and the West Central Montana Avalanche Foundation kicked off 2015 with the first Women’s Avalanche Level One offered in the area. The class was so popular that it filled and had a wait-list, so next year be sure to sign up early!


Photo Credit: Darcy Chenoweth

The weekend started in cold, wintery weather and snow continued to fall for the entire three days. The class worked through a wide range of avalanche-related material including reading terrain features, route finding, weather, snowpack analysis, human-factor/group dynamics and rescue scenarios. In the evenings, lectures were held over tea and hot cocoa while dinner cooked on the yurt stoves. Women shared stories and gave advice during class as well as in the down time after meals, and it was apparent that the full-immersion style of this class was hugely beneficial to group learning and confidence building.

Thanks to YurtSki Montana and the West Central Montana Avalanche Foundation for helping SheJumps make this class a success!!!

Photo Credit: Darcy Chenoweth

Photo Credit: Darcy Chenoweth

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