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SheJumps Seattle How To: Planning a Spring Ski Traverse – Recap

On March 14, SheJumps and Second Ascent partnered to host How To: Planning a Spring Ski Traverse. Shane Robinson, a local AMGA certified ski guide with Pro Guiding Service, led the discussion with over 70 men and women in the audience. While drinking beers and cider from Two Beers Brewing Co. and Seattle Cider Co., we listened to Shane discuss the important steps to prepare and execute an overnight tour. He shared recommendations for gear, specifically tents, backpacks, and clothes (down booties!). He also gave tips on ways to carry water, how to set up snow camps, and so much more. Shane had us all drooling over beautiful photos from past ski tours all over the Pacific Northwest. Many of us left the talk itching to get out and explore.

In the second half of the night, Shane taught us how to use Mountain Hub App (previously Avatech), a powerful trip planning tool that provides users the ability to look at slope angle, aspect, and calculate running time, among other important trip planning details. He shared a Spearhead Traverse trip plan and map to show us the power of app. All participants that preregister received a code for a free month on premium on Mountain Hub, which allows them to play with the tools we discussed. Thanks Mountain Hub!

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to the event. We are so grateful to Andrew and the staff at Second Ascent for helping make the event go smoothly. It is such a treat to work with you all. Also, we want to shout out to Caity and our friends at Two Beers Brewing Co. and Seattle Cider Co. who offer unwavering support for SheJumps and our events by donating drinks. We feel fortunate to work with such awesome local companies. Please support them! Again, thanks to Mountain Hub for offering the free trails as well.

Lastly, thank you to Shane Robinson for taking the time to share his extensive touring knowledge with us. Check out for upcoming trips with him!

Sarah McCroy

Seattle Ambassador 


Big thanks to our sponsors!


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