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SheJumps Trapshooting at Boise Gun Club

For the second year in a row, a group of energetic and eager-to-learn women showed up at the Boise Gun Club to experience the art of trapshooting. We started in the clubhouse getting the basics of gun safety, gun mechanics, and opportunities for women in the sport from Liz, resident trap shooter and advocate for women in the outdoors.


Volunteer, Lahoma Turner, gives a group on woman instruction.


Volunteer, Liz McCleod, with a participant after a successful shot.

The gun club donated two posts and tickets to shoot. They also provided 6 volunteers who brought their own personal guns for us to try and who generously gave us plenty of pointers. Although it was a crisp fall evening and our fingertips started to get just a little chilly, it was a gorgeous night for shooting as the sun set on the high Idaho desert around us. There were plenty of hoots and hollers as ladies shot their first clay pigeon and cold beers were cracked back at the clubhouse as new friends exchanged numbers.

We couldn’t be more thankful for Liz and the rest of the Boise Gun club for donating their time and space and for helping us organize such a fun and positive event. We’re looking forward to seeing some new female participants in the local trapshooting competitions!


Sunset over the high Boise desert


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