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SheJumps Wild Skills Adventure: McCall

It’s always a treat to wake up to a chilly summer morning in Idaho and that’s exactly what we did on Sunday, July 22nd at Brundage Mountain Resort. Our Wild Skills adventure morning warmed up quickly with an enthusiastic group of girls and their families flocked to the mountains for a fun day of hiking and education.

Kathy Schon started off the morning off by leading us through a fun and refreshing yoga practice.

Once we were warmed up, the crew filled their packs healthy snacks provided by GoGo Squeez and Clif Bar to help fuel them for their upcoming adventure.

Brundage Mountain patrol led the team through a group first aid activity that showed us the keys to completing a successful and safe trail rescue. The team learned the importance of staying calm and being prepared when it comes to providing a safe environment for you and your adventure buddies.

They also learned that candy is a worthwhile use of space in your pack. Spencer, the head of Brundage summer mountain patrol, then showed how a litter wheel is used to assist in summer trail evacuation.

After a quick snack break and review of our 10 Essentials, we hit the trails for a hike to practice some of our new found skills. The Nature Trail offered the perfect amount of challenging terrain to give our crew a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

With lunch time approaching, we mounted the Bluebird Express and enjoyed a short chairlift ride to the top of the resort. The views and the lunch gave our crew the energy they needed to achieve one more summit before the end of our day. The short scramble up loose rock and dirt proved to be worth the effort when we were rewarded by a 360 degree panoramic view of our beautiful surroundings.

A huge thank you to Clif Bar and GoGo Squeez for keeping our hungry crew fed and thank you to Brundage Mountain Resort for welcoming the SheJumps crew with open arms. We look forward to more great events in the area!

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