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SheJumps Wilderness First Aid Bellingham Course – Recap

The 2-day Wilderness First Aid and CPR certification training course was a huge success thanks to a diligent group of attendees and excellent teaching skills by John and Kylie from Backcountry Medical Guides. The weekend course started on Saturday, March 17th bright and early at Superfeet Worldwide headquarters in Ferndale, WA.  The classroom, with Superfeet’s signature Green floor and vibrant decor, made for a lively location to learn some basic first aid and CPR skills.


John and Kylie took turns sharing their knowledge. John, owner of Backcountry Medical Guides and a new Bellingham resident, has 16 years of experience as an EMT and Paramedic. Kylie flew in from Denver just for this SheJumps class, she works as an EMT in the Emergency Department and volunteers with the Ski Patrol. Their passion and real-life stories were crucial to teaching the class ‘what to expect in the wilderness’.


The WFA group was able to get outside each day and practice the techniques and skills they learned. The sense of a real emergency gave the class the first-hand experience and challenges they’d face when outside, in the elements, with limited resources.

By the end of the 2-day course, each attendee was equipped with the skills and resources necessary to help them in the chance of an emergency.


Huge thank you to Backcountry Medical Guides for the awesome instruction and to Superfeet Worldwide for the use of the facility. SheJumps Bellingham Ambassador, Shari Karber, is thankful to have local businesses who support the SheJumps mission to increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities.

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