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SheJumps wins $7,000 grant from First Western Trust in #WealthIsAbout Contest

SheJumps is pleased and proud to announce it is the winner of the First Western Trust’s #WealthIsAbout grants contest in Jackson, Wyoming.

SheJumps will receive $7000 towards its programs to support women and girls in the community of Jackson Hole. We would like to offer our sincere thanks and gratitude to First Western Trust for this award.  Their generosity and support is significant, not only in the community of Jackson Hole, but across the West in every location where First Western Trust has offices. SheJumps would also like to thank the hundreds of people who voted and shared our participation in the contest to help us win.

Executive Director and Co-Founder of SheJumps, Claire Smallwood is firm about the destination of these #WealthIsAbout grant from First Western Trust: “We are going to use this money to augment our annual scholarships for avalanche education in the Jackson Hole area as part of our ongoing partnership with Jackson Hole Outdoor Leadership Institute. We will also be able to partially fund our Wild Skills initiative to offer free outdoor adventure skills to all girls of the Jackson Hole community, especially underserved and at-risk girls in the age groups of 6-14 and above.”  Smallwood says you can expect to see announcements for these opportunities on the website in September.

Founded in 2007, SheJumps is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based, registered 501(c)(3).   SheJumps’ goal is create, partner and host activities and events that directly impact women and girls who might never otherwise have the chance to experience the benefits of challenging oneself in the outdoors.  SheJumps promotes positive female role models and those looking to give back through sharing their skills and stories. We are a voice for the up-and-coming athletes, and a place to share with the community. With the goal of offering young girls real role models through story and action, these athletes have the opportunity to be directly involved in encouraging other women to take a ‘jump!’

All of the registered non-profits competing for this grant are outstanding organizations and support our community in a myriad of ways. We thank them also for all they do in our community.

SheJumps is incredibly honored to receive this grant and we sincerely thank First Western Trust for this opportunity.


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