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Staying Wise on the Wasatch Front

Thank you to the Utah Avalanche Center for partnering with SheJumps to offer a second women’s Backcountry 101 class in Salt Lake City!  On February 20th & 22nd ladies came together to increase their avalanche awareness!   There were attendees from as far away as the east coast and even a mother/daughter pair visiting from Sun Valley, Idaho.  The first portion of the event consisted of a classroom education where attendees learned about decision-making, staying safe in avalanche terrain, and team communication.  All of these factors are especially interesting when you count that these are all women in a predominately male sport, which can limit female assertiveness.  In the supportive classroom environment, the women were able to ask any questions on their minds.

After discussing the importance of backcountry safety, attendees were able to get out into the field during the full day session on Saturday.  By dividing up into three smaller groups, the guides from the UAC could give more individualized instruction and adjust the class to fit the group of women participating.  It was incredible to have such strong female leaders with immense skiing, mountaineering, and backcountry experience.  Also, not only did the ladies learn a ton, but they also got to make some pretty awesome powder turns!

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