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Teton Ladies Partake in Fabulously Fun Wax & Tune Night!

On December 10, the ladies of the Teton area once again came together for our Wax & Tune Night with Pepi Stiegler Sports, who graciously let us take over their shop for the evening! A clear tribute to the ever-growing and solidifying SheJumps community in the Tetons, we had an incredible turnout with 25 ladies joining us for a fun night of ski tuning, waxing and maintenance; as well as appetizers and of course a healthy dose of wine! After kicking things off with a socializing happy hour, Pepi’s amazing staff stepped in to bring us a bit of education.


Indeed, Pepi’s staff provided a thorough overview of the basics of tuning and waxing—from smoothing out edge burrs, to edge beveling, to the finer points of waxing, Pepi’s gave ladies an amazing rundown of basic ski/board maintenance that they can perform on their own. And then they turned the shop over to the women of SheJumps and let us have at it on our own gear—overseeing ladies as they learned the process of fine-tuning their edges, waxing and even utilizing their industrial tune machines!


All in all, it was a blast—truly one of the funnest events we can remember hosting in the Teton area! We were thrilled to have so many women join us and it was amazing to watch women learn skills, take ownership of their gear and meet other ladies in the laidback atmosphere created by our Wax & Wine events! A huge shout out to the ever-supportive Pepi Stiegler Sports and thank you to the Mangy Moose Market & Cellars for donating wine to this event again this year—we know the wine isn’t necessary, but it sure does make it fun =)

All photo credit to Leslie Hittmeier.



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