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The Power of SheJumps

Written by Pacific Coast Assistant Regional Coordinator, Meaghann Gaffney.

Five years ago I saw my first ski movie. There was a short clip in it of a group of ladies shredding super hard. It was probably the coolest thing my 13-year-old self had ever seen. At the time I could hardly make it down the bunny hill, but I went home that night inspired by those girls. I looked up the riders I just watched and stumbled upon SheJumps. Lynsey Dyer was one of the ladies in that ski movie and is also a founding director of SheJumps, along with Claire Smallwood and Vanessa Pierce. From that moment on these gals were a huge source of inspiration and support for my growing mind and body. They completely embody the spirit of SheJumps – to get outdoors, push yourself, climb mountains, support and encourage the people around you, and most importantly – TO HAVE FUN.

Ever since then SheJumps has been a part of my everyday life, making both myself and other girls realize that it’s okay to take a tumble because you’re still having an adventure discovering the outdoors around you. Three years ago SheJumps introduced me to backcountry skiing, snow science, and introduced me to a girl I’m proud to call a best friend. SheJumps acquainted me with skiing and then it made me realize what I wanted to do with life – study snow, keep people safe, and share stoke with other girls!  I’ve since gotten the amazing opportunity to help host the Women of Winter event that changed my life and was able to introduce and talk about SheJumps to the ladies joining. I only hope I was a part of enabling another group of teenage girls to become buddies and fall in love with the sport all over again.

Power of SJ Meaghann Gaffney 2

SheJumps was there during those very confusing years growing up, reminding me everything would be okay – to just get outdoors, see the mountains and everything would be good.  The most rewarding part of this story is now I’m the young woman with the ability to spread stoke and inspire the next generation of little girls. To show them they have the ability to reap the rewards of making the outdoors their life. But most importantly that there is a community of ladies out there that they can look up to and be empowered by. The “sistership” that takes shape at all SheJumps events is a very beautiful sight; there’s never a face with out a smile or a hand without a thumbs up. Ladies are given the opportunity to try new stuff and get rad in an environment that doesn’t judge, an environment that encourages and helps.

This coming fall with the release of Pretty Faces by Unicorn Picnic Productions there will be hundreds of little girls being inspired and moved by woman shredding hard and being sources of inspiration.  It’s such an incredible thought that they no longer have to pick out the one 2 minute clip in a whole movie to look up to.  Many of us in the outdoors community are stoked on this and would like to give a huge THANK YOU to all of you at Unicorn Picnic Productions for this. I’m thrilled to be able to take a part in bringing the tour to Washington as a member of the SheJumps team.

SheJumps has the power to change lives, to build a spirit that bursts positive energy and enthusiasm, to build life long friendships, and to lift you up when you need it most.

Power of SJ Meaghann Gaffney 3
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