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Tough Girl Tutus to Benefit SheJumps

We’re thrilled to announce the support from Tough Girl Tutus: Enter code SHEJUMPS at checkout, and receive $5-off your purchase. Additionally, 10% of sales from your purchase will be donated to SheJumps.

Have you ever raced in a tutu? Not just any tutu, but one that’s constructed specifically for athletes? Wearing Tough Girl Tutus makes the pay-off of all that hard work and training that much better. You’ll feel more confident and empowered when you wear our tutus as part of your race day ritual. Constructed with comfort in mind, each Tough Girl Tutu has a wide built-in spandex waistband and lightweight, flowing tulle material that won’t interfere with your pace. A built-in race belt eliminates the need for safety pins. Wear your own shorts or leggings, so you can walk, run, cycle or ski in what you’re most comfortable in underneath.

Be Tough, Feel Empowered + Celebrate Yourself with Tough Girl Tutus, the original racing tutu.

Purchase by going to the Tough Girl Tutu page. Just remember to enter SHEJUMPS at checkout.

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