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Trampolines, Swimming Pools, and Skis…Oh my!

The SheJumps Jump Camp (in partnership with FlyFreestyle) is all about having a great time and trying new things! We start the day off on the trampolines, where you have expert coaching to jump around, literally, and gain “air sense” as well as work on balance and maybe even try a trick or two!

After the trampolines, we move on to the mini-ramp (pictured here) with our skis/snowboards and, if you’re up to it, the single! The idea is to get on your skis and fly through the air with no consequences. Bubbles in the water break the surface tension so you can land any which way and it’s just a giant swimming pool. Proceeds from your entry go to help SheJumps programming. A retail value for this opportunity is nearly $200, take advantage today for only $40 if you sign up before Thursday! ($50 otherwise). Camp is from 12:45-4 p.m. You must be 18+ or have a permission slip from a parent/guardian. All equipment is included with the price. Participants need to provide their own transportation, sunscreen, water, snacks, and sense of adventure.

Reserve your ticket by clicking HERE. Limited spots available. Share this event on Facebook HERE.

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