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Wild Skills Bellingham – RECAP

Wild Skills Bellingham took place on Saturday, August 27th at Whatcom Falls Park. Thanks to an outpouring of support from our volunteers in the Bellingham and Seattle areas, we were able to host 35 girls, ages 6-12. We started the day with yoga led by local professional, Maia Bremmerer. From there the three teams moved into different sections of the park to learn about navigation, first aid, 10 essentials and leave no trace.

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This event was our first attempt at a half day camp structure which meant we had a lot of information to pack into a short period of time. Luckily, Wild Skills has been developed around the manta of “using what you got.” So, depending on the group’s attention span, the activities varied but everyone walked away with a strong sense of safe and smart ways to act in the outdoors.

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This was the first Wild Skills camp in conjunction with another local community event – The Five Point Film Festival. After Wild Skills wrapped, the girls were encouraged to join us for 5 Point Film Festival’s Youth Adventure Program. The program features animation and adventure films made for kids. Afterwards, the SheJumps team hosted a face painting and shirt printing booth at the kid’s street fair which also included a bike skills course and ice cream. Special thanks to SheJumps Pacific Coast Director, McKenzie Temple who also works at the 5 Point Adventure Film Festival for her time, effort and coordination.

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Find out more about 5 Point:

This entire day was a fun filled success that shared the SheJumps mission with the Bellingham community and introduced young girls to the skills they need to get out into the wild.

Endless high fives to our in-kind sponsors:  Trader Joes  Whole Foods Market  and Woods Coffee

High ten to our photographer:  Freya Fennwood

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