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Wild Skills Berkshire East Recap

Forty girls ages six to twelve arrived to Berkshire East on the perfect summer day for the first Northeast Wild Skills event. Berkshire East has been an amazing partner for many SheJumps events and their amazing donation of space made this event possible.

As the girls arrived they split into three teams based on age. The girls played introduction games before we had a group yoga session. It was the perfect way to start the morning before the groups went off to the three skills stations. The stations were shelter building, first aid and navigation.


Each of the stations were set up to provide the girls with basic skills. The shelter building station had the girls work as a team to create a place to stay with tarps and trash bags. Using items, you would have with you or could find in the woods to help make the supports the girls created amazing shelters.


The navigation station taught the girls how to use and read a compass and how to read a topo map. The girls then set off on a scavenger hunt using their new skills.


At the first aid station the girls learned what to do in case of an emergency and basic first aid that they could provide using a small first aid kit that most carry while out on adventures. They practiced these skills by taking turns having half the group be injured and the other half finding the injured girl and providing help and first aid.


This event would not have been possible if it was not for the 30 volunteers that came out to help. The volunteers lead the groups and the skills stations and provided the girls with a day full of fun, learning and confidence building! Thank you volunteers and thank you Berkshire East!

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