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Winter is a Woman by Rachel Gregg

A poem by Rachel Gregg

Winter is woman She is timely She is wise She waits patiently for November And opens her beautiful eyes

Winter is a woman Stunning peaks and luscious curves All of the season’s blessings A true promise land is hers

Winter is a woman Danger looming as her weapon Though often cold, frigid, and angry Up her slopes we still be schlepping

Winter is a woman One moment laughing, the next enraged We look with awe and wonder Of her ravishing charade

Winter is a woman She’ll seduce you with adventure She thirsts for daring wanderers And those who yearn to quench her

Winter is a woman Ever pushing us to the limit Just when you think you have conquered her You’ll crave another summit

Winter is a woman She’s a woman demanding our respect Through rainy spring and blistering sun In our memories she’s perfect

Winter is a woman You’d best not wait too long Go my friends and find her folly For soon she’ll be long gone

Rachel Gregg wrote this poem for the introduction of the Femme Fatale award at the 2015 Cold Smoke Awards, which she then read with Rachel Pohl as they announced Pretty Faces was the winner of this year’s award!

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