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Winter Stoke Tune Up at K2 – Recap

There might be a lack of snow right now but there was not a lack of smiles at the Winter Stoke Tune Up event at K2 on December 9th!  Thanks to all who came out and supported SheJumps – especially all the new ladies.  Over 70 women showed up gear in hand eager to learn/tune/wax and play.  What an amazing night of stoke and touring the K2 Skis facility was such a treat!  What a rad company to have here in the PNW.  We are now ready for IWSD on December 13th!


Stoke comes alive when ski friends from different parts of the state get to hang out in cool locations and see how skis and snowboards are made.  Minds were blown…


Photo: Christy Pelland

The ladies had their winter stoke faces on!  They learned to wax and tune skis/boards by Crystal Mountain’s amazing Mountain Shop employees.


Photo: Christy Pelland


Photo: Christy Pelland


Photo: Freya Fennwood Photography

See you all at IWSD on December 13th!

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