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1st IWSD is a Success

On December 14th 2013 K2 Skis asked for women everywhere to get out on the mountain!  It didn’t matter what brand you were on, if you skied or snowboarded, or what your ability level was…just that you got out there with women to celebrate. K2 Ski’s International Women’s Ski Day 2013 was a HUGE success! With events that happened all over the world women got out en mass taking over ski slopes from Vermont to Alaska here in the US.

Here is a recap from Meghan McKasy:

“I spent time at both the Snowbird and Alta ones.  A story that I think is really great is that when we were at Snowbird we were really trying to increase our numbers and so we were yelling and dancing on deck, having the tram operator do announcements, etc.  We decided we were going to try for one big pic at the top of the mountain.  Once we got to the top of the tram there were all these people up there who were totally not skiers (jeans, fur coats, etc) and everything was set up like a movie set.  It turns out pro snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis was filming a Chobani yogurt commercial for the Olympics at the top of the mountain.  One of the ladies went to ask if Lindsey could come take a picture with us and got a “maybe, probably not” from someone on set.  So we went over to take our picture and decided well let’s just call out to her.  So the like 15 ladies all called out “Lindsey come take a pic with us!” a couple of times and then she came running out!  Very cool to have her take a moment to come hang out with us!”

Above are some of the ladies who had some fun in Stowe, Vermont.

Copyright 2013 Matt Chirico. All rights reserved

Mt. Bachelor

Crystal Mountain

Be Sure to Check out our Facebook Album to see more photos from International Women’s Ski Day!

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