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Adventure Medical Kits Partners With SheJumps For Wild Skills

Written by: Anna Bernard

The Wild Skills program is something that not only could spark a passion, but is an experience that is incredibly important for girls and women everywhere. In general, those trekking into the great outdoors – whether it be skiing, climbing or hiking – should always know how to adventure safely and treat Mother Nature with care. SheJumps offers the Wild Skills programming to girls to ensure safe and smart experiences outside.

A variety of skills are taught through the program, including first aid, navigation, leave no trace, shelter building and other important skillsets that are applicable regardless of weather or season. We aim for Wild Skills to be an experience that young women will remember, enjoy and show them that they are capable of anything.


Wild Skills provides the tools and skills to set these girls up for a lifetime of adventure, and with our recent partnership with Adventure Medical Kits (AMK), they kindly will be donating gear for the program. AMK is a company that sells a wide array of medical kits for nearly any activity outside. Their products are easy to pack, beneficial for any trip, and have the potential to save someone’s life.

“We value getting people outside enjoying nature and the different elements,” said Natalie Partida of AMK. “It is important to be prepared on a trip, and while we hope that you will never have to open our medical kits for any serious injuries, it is great to create those peace of mind products for all adventures. Our goal is to provide high quality, easy to use products for every outdoor adventure.”

Adventure Medical Kits was established when co-founder and Surgeon, Dr. Eric Weiss, was asked to do a clinic at REI to recommend medical supplies (or a kit) that should be taken along. However, Weiss found that he could not confidently recommend any products for common injuries.

Weiss and co-founder Frank Meyer, were avid outdoor enthusiasts and saw a need in the outdoor market to provide safety for all outdoor endeavors. With Weiss’s expertise in medical grade products, and Frank Meyer’s experience in outdoor activities and witnessing injuries, Adventure Medical Kits was born.

“Adventure Medical Kits has been beneficial to all its users by making it easy to get what you need when you need it,” said Partida. “Some people freeze in extreme situations and having our kits organized by injury helps get you back on track by finding what you need ASAP.”

Photo courtesy of Adventure Medical Kits

Photo courtesy of Adventure Medical Kits

AMK does an incredible job by customizing kits for each activity and trip, to ensure maximum preparation. “Adventure Medical Kits can make or break a trip and possibly save your life,” said Partida. “If you have unruly blisters, treating them early on can make a difference of completing your goal on a trip. Or if you are mountain biking and have an unexpected crash with an injury with a laceration, QuikClot can possibly save your life until you can get professional emergency treatment.”

At the end of the day, these kits can save a life. They undoubtedly can make an uncomfortable situation a little less so, but also can be the solution to a make or break point when an adventure doesn’t go as planned.

The heart of AMK is to create products that are easy for anyone to use. AMK encourages people of all ranges to get outside, regardless of the elements, and ultimately, to be prepared. The company hopes that people won’t need their kits, but the unexpected has a way of sneaking up, and at the very least, these kits will provide peace of mind to any adventurer.

As SheJumps introduces young women into the reality and beauty of Mother Nature, Adventure Medical Kits could not be a better partner for the Wild Skills program. “We think it’s important to get our youth – but more specifically young women – out and enjoying the outdoors safely,” said Partida. “With all the volunteers and events that SheJumps hosts we felt like it was necessary to make sure they had the equipment they needed in order to enjoy these outings without any worry.”

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