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Alpine Finishing School – Filled Up!

All the spots for the 2014 Alpine Finishing School were filled on December 17th. This is great news for all the ladies who registered for the ski mountaineering course – the trip is on! The 3rd Annual Alpine Finishing School will be occurring April 19-26 at the Selkirk Backcountry Lodge. If you were considering signing up this year, but were beat to the punch, you can still get on the wait list here. And if it’s something you were eyeing, but held out on due to cost or ability – now’s the time to start planning for next year!

It’s no secret that the course has a high price tag, but you’ll hear from everyone who attended in 2013 that it was money well spent. The experience, knowledge, and friendships that come out of this program will be cherished for years to come. Last year’s experience created a tight-knit group of mountain experts! And the words used to describe the scenery most are…awe-inspiring, breathtaking, and beautiful. Just like the previous years, 2014’s course is being taught by true experts in the ski mountaineering world. Diny Harrison and Kate Devine are both highly skilled ski guides – in fact Diny is the first North American female to be certified as an IFMGA guide.

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Alpine Finishing School participant and Freeride World Tour athlete Nat Segal of Australia had this to say about the course, “The SheJumps Alpine Finishing School was an amazing experience because it challenged me to learn new skills and be confident in my own abilities. Being surrounded by women who have the same love of skiing and goals to be in the mountains was really special and something that I hope to emulate.”

So, if this is something you even started to consider this year, start working out your touring muscles, hit the slopes, brush up on backcountry safety, and put away a few extra bucks each month for your AFS fund! Check out a detailed description of this SheJumps program here.

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