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Bike Maintenance Clinic: Keep it Clean

We’re back again with the generous support of the fabulous mechanics of Speed and Sprocket Works, Sean and Liz. We’ve showed you how to deal with flat tires, now we’re going to look at the rest of the bike and how to take care of it!

Join us as we take over Abandoned Building Brewery in Easthampton Thursday, August 28th at 6:30

It’s a proven fact that a cleaner bike is a faster bike! We’ll show you the best ways to clean your bike from tip to tail, while focusing on what to inspect on your bike while doing so. Spotting problems early on will head off costly repair bills further down the road; trust us, we’ve replaced many parts over the years because of inattention. We’ll pay particular a ttention to your drivetrain (the chain and gears), as a grimey drivetain is many times the culprit for sloppy shifting. 

Although the focus of this workshop isn’t on all the different systems on your bike (i.e. shifting, braking, etc.), we can perform small fixes on a case by case basis if you find anything that needs a little extra love during your inspection.

After your bike is sparkling like it’s fresh off the shelf, we’ll wrap up with talking about the differences between grease and oil, and lube up your drivetrain so it’s ready to roll!

Things you should bring: • your bike! • an old sheet or drop cloth to lay out under your bike while cleaning • a handful of rags • clothes that can get dirty with a capital D!

We will provide the following: • work stands (although you can bring your own if you have one) • cleaning products and lube Remember ladies: a clean bike is a happy bike, and one that will give you fewer problems.

Date: August 28th Time: 6:30-9 with social time after class Cost:$15 Contact:Tracy Remelius Partners: Speed and Sprocket Cycle Works, Abandoned Building Brewery,

Click here to order your ticket. First ten to register take home a goodie bag.

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