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Event Recap: SUP Series on Fish Creek, Night 1

This Wednesday was the first night of our second annual SUP Series on Fish Creek in Saratoga Springs, NY. We couldn’t have asked for better weather for our kick-off, it was a warm 88 degrees without a cloud in the sky. We had women from all over the Capital Region and Southern Vermont join us for some fun on the creek!


Our main focus for this event was some basic paddling instruction. Joining us again this year to coach is the wonderful Mike MacDonald from BIC SUP. We started with the basics, paddle/board anatomy and proper sizing, on the beach and then we were off to the water!


Mike took the lead as we headed upstream on our tour, toward Saratoga Lake. We reached our sunny cove and practiced our strokes and turns. After paddling around for a bit, some of the ladies made the “jump” and tried out some yoga poses. One of our intermediate paddlers even attempted a headstand, and nailed it not only once, but twice! Everyone was pushing their boundaries, falling in the water, and doing it all with a smile on their face.


Thank you to all of the ladies that came out and made this such a fun night! Thank you to all of our volunteers and other Jumpers that helped out!


If you weren’t able to attend the first night, don’t fret, we’re having two more nights: July 20th and August 3rd!

We will have SUP Yoga both nights as well as basic paddling instruction.


Check out the event Facebook pages for more information: July 20th  & August 3rd

*Preregistration is required. Tickets are limited*

Join our SheJumps Northeast Region Facebook group or check out our region page to stay up to date on our future events.

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