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Get the Girls Out! DIY: We Welcome All to Bring GTGO to Your Community

Updated: Feb 21

Get the Girls Out! is SheJumps’ national campaign to unite women and girls as they support, challenge, mentor, and inspire each other in the outdoor sports world. SheJumps Get The Girls Out! events are held near International Women’s Day (annually on March 8) and cultivate communities for women to have fun and connect with friends–new and old. These events also create opportunities for women to share skills and passions, and inspire younger generations.

Our community spans far and wide, and we want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the magic of this program! We have created a way for you to celebrate Get the Girls Out!, regardless of your location or ability to attend one of the official events we have planned this March. We encourage you to create your own celebration with the help of this guide.

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, our whole goal is to get women and girls outside in a fun and welcoming environment—all you need is to go outside and invite a few friends!

Make a plan: How will you Get the Girls Out!?

Get the Girls Out! events are all unique, just like our awesome community members. Whether you decide to celebrate on your own, with a few friends, or maybe reach out and meet some new adventure buddies—all you have to do is “Choose your own adventure”

Choose your activity:

  • Neighborhood Park Activities

  • Walking

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt

  • Arts & Crafts

  • SheJumps Micro Ventures

  • Hike, find a hike by using AllTrails

  • Snowshoe

  • Downhill Ski

  • Nordic Ski

  • Fat Bike (or mountain bike/road bike depending on weather)

Some getting started tips:

  1. Decide when and where you want to do your event.

  2. Follow the 10 Essentials, including making a plan. Is there a timeline for your event?

  3. Snacks! Everyone loves snacks!

  4. Know the rules: If you’re exploring somewhere new, check any restrictions including parking or permits to make sure you don’t encounter any unexpected obstacles.

Sprinkle some SheJumps magic on that!

Channel your inner Girafficorn and stick your neck out a bit—We believe that fun happens when we stop taking ourselves so seriously all the time! We guarantee some great laughs if you encourage your GTGO event buddies to participate in some of these great add-on activities:

  • Limbo: Use a ski pole, ski, or branch to create a limbo party!

  • Best Dressed on the Mountain/Trail/Park: Who says you have to wear Gore-tex? Encourage fancy dresses, ties, wigs, or your best plaid shirt. Come up with a fun prize for the Best Dressed GTGO buddy!

  • Impromptu Dance Party: Bring a mini speaker to surprise your friends with a dance party outside. (Make sure to not disrupt any other nature-lovers, or check in with them before hitting play!)

  • The Album Cover: Strike a pose! Set up a group photo and pose like you’re making an album cover.

  • Fruit by the Foot eating contest: First person to eat an unwrapped Fruit by the Foot without the use of their hands, wins!

  • Scavenger Hunt: If you really want to go above and beyond, create a scavenger hunt for your friends to participate in along the trail or at the park! Brainstorm items that may be found along the way (example: trail sign, animals, another recreationalist, animal tracks, pick up a piece of trach, a type of plant, etc) and share the list with your friends, so they can keep track of what they find/see. You can give a special prize to the person who finds the most items on the list!

  • Bingo Friendship Style: create a bingo board with things you can experience or learn about those around you! Squares can include things like: tell a joke to each other, favorite snack, first concert, biggest cooking fail, favorite indoor hobby, etc.! This can be done on a bingo style card or as the scavenger hunt listed above.

Choosing a solo adventure?

These aren’t the only ways to tap into the Girafficorn magic. Tap into the magic of a solo adventure by bringing your favorite treats, enjoying your favorite outdoor space(or a new one!)

Invite friends

Make an invite and copy/paste the info below to let your friends know what you’re up to!

You’re invited to GET THE GIRLS OUT WITH ME! Get the Girls Out! is SheJumps’ national campaign to unite women and girls, and support, challenge, mentor, and inspire each other in the outdoors. SheJumps Get The Girls Out! events are held near International Women’s Day (annually on March 8) and cultivate communities for women to have fun and connect with friends–new and old. I’m putting together my own Get the Girls Out! celebration in our community, and would love to have you join me! Date:





Invite your friends on Instagram by using this story. Click here to save image to your phone.

SheJumps Get the Girls Out! Instagram Story template to invite friends to join a DIY event

Take pictures/videos

Share your Get The Girls Out celebration with the SheJumps community! Upload photos to your Instagram feed and use #GTGO to be entered to win a swag bag from SheJumps (limit 3 prizes). Must be uploaded before March 18, 2024. Reminder: all events count, big or small!

SheJumps merchandise

Purchase merchandise to share with your friends and support SheJumps? Start with SheJumps Neck Tubes (3 pack) and Girafficorn sticker packs. Looking for a prize for your group's best dressed? Check out our SheJumps Black and Gold Sparkle Trucker hat.

We hope this guide has inspired you to join us in celebrating International Women’s Day! If you want to brainstorm or share additional ideas, feel free to contact us at See you out there!

Special thank you to our partner, Stio:

Headquartered in the heart of the Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Stio® was founded to inspire balanced living in connection with nature. Time spent on trails, in rivers and on summits inspires their beautiful, functional outdoor apparel. Their progressive, premium products are designed to meet the demands of the epic and everyday moments of outdoor life and can be found at, in their catalogs and at the Stio Mountain Studio® retail stores.

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