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Get the Girls Out Mt Bachelor, Winter ’13 Recap!

Giggles and smiles and bright colors everywhere… the girls were out in full force for our first ever Get the Girls Out Mt Bachelor!

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What is it about shredding around on snow with a crew of ladies all day that makes you feel so amazing? It is incredible how fun, silly, motivational, and inspiring a day out skiing with a group of women can be!

We had ladies travel to Mt. Bachelor from all over the west: Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and of course from all over Oregon. It is pretty unusual to ski with a group of ladies, so it was worth the travel effort to enjoy this special day!

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We met about 35 ladies at the bottom of Pine Marten in the morning, and started our day by fanning out all over the front of the mountain. It was awesome to watch a ton of brightly-colored ants spread out and fly down! By the second run, we were already split up. It’s crazy how fast that will happen!

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Some ladies hit the terrain parks off Skyliner, some explored the trees off Northwest, and a crew of about 15 of us rode the Summit chair and hiked to the top of the mountain for great views and some good, old-fashioned hunting for windblown pockets of snow!

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It took some hiking, some traversing, and some rime skiing, but we definitely found what we were looking for in the gullies above Pine Marten and Northwest: smooth pockets of fluffy snow! We were psyched.

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We all met back up for lunch with even more ladies who had missed us in the morning. Our special guest Meghan Kelly — regional coordinator for SheJumps in California —  introduced the organization by sharing her personal experiences with SheJumps including making new friends, and finding other women to help her learn new outdoor skills. We also talked about ideas for future SheJumps events and what a central Oregon chapter could be all about.

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In the afternoon, we rode the Summit chair again and dropped off the backside for some afternoon corn turns in the sunshine. We enjoyed gullies, trees, playing around on the wall of voodoo, and of course jumping! We wrapped up the day with a classic 4 PM cone hike. We dropped in to inner cone, made some great turns in soft snow, and even found freshies in the parking lot glade!

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With all the out-of-towners coming to visit, it was important to let Mt. Bachelor’s best features shine: lots of awesome skiing on all aspects, 360 degrees off the summit, on a beautiful and sunny day! The cone hike was just icing on the cake : )

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We headed back down the hill to downtown Bend, where our friends at Crow’s Feet Commons hosted our après ski party! We all had a great time reliving all the action from the day, exchanging phone numbers, and planning future days together on the snow!

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Thanks so much to everyone who came out and made it a day to remember!

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