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Hero Kit’s Road Bike Field Repair Kit: Ready To Ride

Jumping into bike touring is challenging and exciting. I remember mapping out a single-day route of 100+ miles, and worrying about the scenario of a broken bike in the middle of nowhere. Having a solid repair kit in your pannier is crucial.

Combined with a small pump and extra tube, Hero Kit’s Road Bike Field Repair Kit provides what you would need to be your very own road-side hero. The water-resistant instruction booklet provides well-organized and clear, yet light-hearted instructions on how to fix specific bike woes. A difficulty rating is given to each Rescue Card (or common bike repair incident), which is cunningly inspirational. You can learn to fix your bike, and, for our goal-oriented personalities–you can measure the level of your newly attained bike maintenance skills! The additional beta for alternative uses of the repair kit tools is another excellent touch.

The parts included in the kit are durable and thoughtful, for both new riders and seasoned ones. For road cyclists concerned about weight, this kit may be a little heavy, however you can easily reduce its weight by leaving some of the heavier components, like the poncho, at home in your touring pannier. Hero Kit’s Road Bike Repair Kit is a well-designed tool for the beginner to avid road cyclist. It earned a spot in my pannier!

You can learn how to use the Road Bike Field Repair Kit with SheJumps at Hero Kit’s Jump Into Road Biking Clinic and Ride with Trek Portsmouth in New Hampshire on Saturday, August 24th. Check it out here!

Questions? Contact ISIS Ambassador, Breanna Caywood at

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