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How to Create Your Own SheJumps DIY Summer Camp

We miss hosting our events and connecting with our community! With summer camps closed for the summer (including all of SheJumps’ summer day and overnight camps) we are teaming up with Adventure Ready Brands to inspire a DIY (Do it Yourself) Summer Camp experience.

Starting July 10, pre-orders for DIY Summer Camp Kits will be available through Eventbrite. We only have 199 of these kits available, so act fast to secure yours today!

More than just some fun goodies and outdoor tools, SheJumps is offering an online alternative to fill the gap of summer camps. We hope to encourage girls (and the whole family) to learn new skills, take on challenges, think creatively, and foster confidence. Our goal is to see girls everywhere having fun and connecting in a welcoming environment, in a time where we may not be able to physically be together.

Don’t forget to tag @SheJumps or use #SheJumps when sharing the fun on social media.

Our Summer Camp includes free online tutorials, where you’ll learn about navigation, basic first-aid and survival skills, and get creative with arts and crafts that are outdoor-inspired.

In addition, SheJumps has partnered S.O.L. (Survive Outdoors Longer), part of Adventure Ready Brands, to create Summer Camp kits, available for a limited time only. Donate today while supplies last! In addition to the Summer Camp kits, we are offering 'Camp Counselor' shirts as add-ons. For ANY donation you can receive a link to download our amazing Wild Skills Journal! (Theoretically, it's a kids journal, but we won't tell if you keep it for yourself!)

With any donation, you’ll receive a downloadable PDF Wild Skills Journal. Pair the journal with our ongoing Micro Ventures digital learning for a successful summer camp experience.

SheJumps Summer Camp resources

We've created a series of content to help prepare your at-home SheJumps Summer Camp.

Tips for planning your summer camp

The most important elements to bring to your DIY summer camp experience are imagination and spunk! You don’t need to host a solid week of camp with the same vigor as homeschooling–use these prompts as ‘Summer Camp Breaks’ while working from home or schedule a video call with Grandma so they can learn together. Now’s the time to create a world beyond your bedroom or backyard!

Parent Tip: Make sure you read your audience and decide on activities to gauge interest levels. Here’s a few tips to get you started.

  1. Use a tent or your emergency blanket to build a ‘Chill Zone’ shelter.

  2. Decide what curriculum to tackle each day (example: Today is First Aid Day!).

  3. Pack snacks & water like you’re going on an adventure.

  4. Budget plenty of time for activities.

  5. Approach each lesson with patience and flexibility.

  6. Build out the activities around the house, yard, or neighborhood OR slide learning moments in during play.

  7. Keep it creative.

  8. Have fun.

Summer camp kit supplies

You can have a summer camp without the below items, but what better way to jump in than having some girafficorn magic. With the help from the mentioned partner, 2020 Summer Camp Kits are packaged for donations. The bundles vary but below are some details to get you started.

Prepare for adventure

All adventures and trips take preparation. A simple internet search can give you the most up-to-date information with maps and weather.

  1. Choose adventures that are right for you and your group.

  2. Know your physical, mental, and technical abilities and restrictions.

  3. Nobody plans to get lost, but many rescue scenarios unfold on simple day hikes. If something goes wrong and you end up spending the night in the wilderness, you’ll be glad you prepared.

  4. Pack your bag with 10 Essentials (see below).

  5. Always let someone know exactly where you’re going, where you’ll be departing from, what route you plan to take, and what time you expect to return. This way, if something goes wrong, authorities will know sooner and can focus their search in the right area.

Download the prepare for your adventure PDF.

Now, it’s time to pick the activities to build your Wild Skills Youth Summer Camp. Head to the activities list and pick the ones that bring you the most joy.

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