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Inspiration Found! At SheJumps & Arc’teryx Present: A Women’s Inspired Evening

As winter started to spread it’s chill, bringing excitement to the Front Range of Colorado and all the winter lovers out there, Arc’teryx opened their doors to bring the SheJumpers together to meet, mingle, learn and get their gear ready to be on snow.


(Monique Hoisington Denver Store Manager: photos courtesy of Victoria Caffrey)

Women came through the doors excited with skis and snowboards in hand. Lief and Chad from Denver Sports Lab graciously donated their time and got 70 rigs hot waxed in 2.5 hours, leaving us with the joy of happy turns the next time out on the hill!

sj 1

(Denver Sports Lab: photos courtesy of Victoria Caffrey)

Devyn Studer, the Arc’teryx Denver Store Ambassador, presented on how to transition safely from resort skiing into the backcountry. Inspiring the room to start pursuing turns away from the chairlifts, we learned statistics on the participation of women in the backcountry, the gear and education to obtain for safely getting out there! Excitement buzzed as women asked questions and got demos as to how to ‘skin’ and the mechanics of the bindings that allow uphill travel!


(Devyn Studer: photos courtesy of Victoria Caffrey)

Katie Bono, with her humble manner shared her slideshow of her path to becoming a professional climber. Stories of climbing Rainier, the value of mentors and her philosophy of being a woman in the outdoor industry kept the room buzzing in awe, with cheers to support her. Sharing how we can get involved and learn to climb lead to questions on fitness, cross training and later in the night women hopped up to try out ice-ax pull ups! Katie’s grace and strength was witnessed as she made a figure four look as easy as tying a shoe!

sj 3

(Kaite Bono: photos courtesy of Victoria Caffrey)

Huge thanks go out to Arc’teryx, you welcomed us in with open arms, giving out goodie bags, new zipper pulls, and raffling off coats to keep us warm as we go out on our own adventures! Denver Sports Lab, thank you for working so hard and getting our gear ready for the snow! Avery Brewing and Barefoot Wine thank you for donating drinks so we could toast to an awesome night and the season ahead!

(Photos courtesy of Victoria Caffrey)

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