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Isis Ambassador Carisa Barnett Reviews the Hero Kit

My new Hero Kit could not have arrived at a better time—the first time I pulled out my mountain bike for a ride after receiving it I realized I had an entirely flat tire! As a girl who spends a lot of time riding with the boys, I have always had ( aka needed) a helpful man there to help me change a flat—NO more!

Hero Kit

Not only does the Hero Kit come with an excellent set of tools, it also comes with a very detailed instruction booklet that includes great pictures and details to help the complete novice get through a bike repair. Furthermore, the instruction booklet truly covers the basics of just about any issue you may have with your bike, from tire repairs to chain issues to shifting problems. Who knew that pesky gear you haven’t been able to shift into was such an easy fix?!?

Hero Kit2 (1)

Overall, I am entirely stoked on my Hero Kit, simply due to the basic quality of the tools alone, as well as how much is included in such a compact kit. As for my flat? Repaired and ready to ride!!

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