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Isis presents the SheJumps Ambassadors!

Paging all rockstars, local heros, wild women, movers and shakers!

Ladies, we want YOU!

SheJumps is seeking gals across the nation to apply to become our regional Ambassadors.  We are looking for ladies who walk the walk and talk the talk. If you have your finger to the wind and your ear to the ground and can help us carry out the SheJumps mission in your area, we want you! 

What’s the skinny?

This will be a time commitment that you should take seriously. But, thankfully, it shouldn’t require you to do much that you don’t already do. What we need is for you to continue being your awesome self and exemplify the values of our organization. As a SheJumps Isis Ambassador, you report to, and support your Regional Coordinator. Together you’ll work to facilitate local event programming and achieve regional fundraising targets by coordinating and hosting events that you think your community could benefit from. You’ll be outfitted in really cool gear from Isis and so once a month you’ll be expected to contribute a brief review of one of their products and submit corresponding pictures of Isis-clad you in action (shouldn’t be too hard because we know you’re always out and about)!

Sounds pretty rad right?

Well, if this sounds like it might be your jam, then click here and fill out our application! We’ll choose two Ambassadors per region for a one year-term. Together with Isis, we’ll help you shine in your community, giving back and help to spread the SheJumps mission of getting women active in the outdoors.

Shine on!

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