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I’m very excited to introduce you to Brooke Holder, the Southeast Region Isis Ambassador!  Brooke is a paddler from Atlanta Georgia who is looking to bring the SheJumps passion for the outdoors to her area – meeting new ladies who share her passion along the way.  I’m really glad to have her on board and am thrilled to be working with such a passionate person as we spread the SheJumps stoke across the SE!!  Join me in welcoming her to the team! – Cristy

Brooke Holder

How does the SheJumps mission resonate with you? The SheJumps mission speaks to me on many levels.  This is a movement that has the potential to change the way women see each other.  SheJumps opens the doors to athletes, giving them the perfect platform to make new connections, share experiences, and learn from one another.  As a sport enthusiast and nature lover, I’m excited to meet females who share the same love for the outdoors.

How are you going to be ‘the light’ in your community? To me, being ‘the light’ means leading by example as a role model and inspiration.  By continuing to live a life that is full of passion and adventure, I hope to encourage women to push the limits, try new things, and dream big!  I’m looking forward to making friendships out on the water with those who are eager to step outside to meet personal goals and increase confidence.



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