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July 15th Climbing Night in South Lake Tahoe

Words by Sally Gunter… When you push through cruxes and reach new heights, oftentimes you learn something about yourself and about those around you. That’s what climbing’s all about. 

On June 5, eleven ladies gathered at Bottlecreek crag in South Lake Tahoe to climb with other passionate females. With four ropes set up on top rope, there was access to several different routes ranging from 5.8-5.10.

The group consisted of ladies that had never climbed outside to those who hadn’t been in years to those who frequent the climbing areas around Tahoe. Climbing in a group of all ladies is a totally different experience. There’s a massive amount of encouragement that takes place, and you could feel the positive vibe climbing that evening. Everyone was cheering on the person climbing, yelling out beta (when necessary) and enjoying themselves in a relaxed environment.


The most asked question towards the end of the evening was – “when are we doing this again? We’ve got to do it again.” Well…good news, we’re doing it again!

The second SheJumps Women’s Climbing Evening will take place on Tuesday, July 15. We will once again meet in the parking lot of Divided Sky in Meyers at 5:30 p.m. and carpool to Bottlecreek. It’s the perfect locale for a variety of ability levels and for mixing and mingling between climbs.

Please bring climbing shoes, a harness, any water or snacks you might need and, if you have it, a rope and/or gear to set up an anchor. Come meet some amazing climbing chicks and see what you can learn about yourself!

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