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Jump Into Yoga!

After I tore my ACL skiing this past winter I developed a lot of lower back pain from the disparity of strength between legs. I found that yoga was one of the only things I could do to alleviate the pain as I was working to build my strength back. After approaching my good friend Erin Walton about teaching a weekend yoga event, the stage was set for the first Jump Into Yoga event.

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What an extraordinary weekend! Women came from all over Colorado to the Dancing Moose yurt near beautiful Gould, Colorado. With support from our amazing local sponsors the women fueled up on yummy Noosa Yoghurt, as they lounged in their rad new Jen-ai Oarwoman skirts complete with girafficorns. Even better was that everyone had a chance to connect with themselves, nature, and other adventurous women. Yoga brought us to the yurt, but a hike, some journaling, and lively discussion brought us together as friends. As a moose and her calf strolled in front of the yurt, we were reminded how lucky we were to be spending some precious time in nature and our hike filled with blooming columbines reiterated that.

Jump Into Yoga

Attendee Elissa Hoffert said, “There is nothing quite like stretching into a yoga pose and viewing the mountains in the background. I found connecting with women with whom I would have never crossed paths exhilarating. As a woman who loves the outdoors but has fairly limited experiences with them, I found myself enriched and challenged by the stories that others shared. I left feeling renewed and ready to find ways to get my friends outside together.”


The woman went through three different vigorous yoga classes followed with some journaling where they were challenged to consider what brings their lives in and out of balance. Instructor Erin Walton also treated the women to an introduction to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga while another attendee, Annie Kerr, owner and designer of Wild Balance, surprised everyone by gifting each participant with a pair of her beautiful earrings.


As we headed away from the yurt, I considered how wonderful it was to have a chance to practice yoga with such supportive SheJumper sisters in the fresh mountain air and I recommitted myself to finding balance as I work to continue jumping into my goals. Weekends like this are what make all the hard work behind each SheJumps event worth it and it could not have happened without our great sponsors. Thanks again to Jen-ai, Noosa, Wild Balance, Vitamin Cottage, Yoga Luna, and REI!

— Melissa Harms, Rockies Regional Coordinator

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