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Just Roll With It!

On Monday, January 27th, SheJumpers in Salt Lake City attended the area’s first ever indoor kayak event!  The event filled up in a day, so the demand was high!  Eight ladies attended the event where four coaches created a personal and supportive environment.  Most attendees had little to no experience with kayaking so the education started with correct fit of boat and skirt.  Once in the water, the group learned the basics, from paddle strokes to practicing concave body positions while holding onto the wall.  The rest of the class was all about practice and slow progression to the ultimate, “roll.”  One attendee used to kayak in college and had never mastered the roll, was able to do it all on her own by the end of the night!  After such positive feedback and success, hopefully Salt Lake have many more of these events in the future.

Learn to Kayak 2
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