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Meet Our Midwest Regional Coordinator

Katie Bailey Kalamazoo and Metro-Detroit, Michigan

Favorite Quote “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” -Albert Einstein

Favorite Outdoor Space I’m a Michigan girl through and through. I love visiting the lakes and heading up to the UP, especially Paradise, Michigan.

Outdoor Activities Backpacking, kayaking, skiing, canoeing, hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, yoga, and anything else I can try!

What does being a jumper mean to you? Being a jumper means being part of a community that lets me do what I love with people who love it too. All too often, when you’re looking to head out on the mountain, hit the trails, paddle somewhere, hike something, or just get outside, you get all the guys going but not the girls. It’s not that they’re not out there… they’re here. They’re jumpers. The opportunity to get outside with these awesome chicks was why I became a Shejumps girl, but it’s so much more than that. It means giving back, getting others outside, and being supportive of each other. It allows each of us to do more than we could ever imagine.

What inspires  you to be an outdoors lady? I love being outdoors. The sun, the fresh air, it’s good for you. Someone once said that going to the woods is going home. Living in the city can be stressful and gets you  moving too fast- missing things. When I get outside and get active, I can relax, have fun, and remember  what’s important in life.

What would you dare to accomplish if you knew success was the only possible outcome? I would travel without a plan. It always seemed like such an amazing, exciting, terrifying idea. I would love to find a little sailboat and sail around the world. Who knows, with the support of Shejumps amazing ladies, maybe I will!

What’s a goal you have for this coming year as a coordinator? I hope to grow our community in the Midwest. I’d love to meet all the amazing potential jumpers the midwest has to offer, because I know we have some truly awesome ladies over here!

What else is happening in your life? I’m currently studying occupational therapy at Western Michigan University. I lead wilderness backpacking trips, foster puppies, travel often, and am restoring a historic home. I’m a “health nut” and thinking working out is fun, which is why I’m working toward my personal training certification. In my free time you can find me hiking and traveling with my doberdore (doberman-lab) Dozer and a really lucky guy or working on Shejumps fun!

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